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Whether you need an interior painter to paint your commercial building or your home using Trusted House Painter will save you time, energy, and bring you the best possible results. Did we mention that it is free?

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How it Works For Homeowners

The Process of Getting Your House Painted

Trusted House Painter connects you quickly to local house painters near you. Built for homeowners who want to save time and energy, we’ve simplified the process of searching for painters, hiring them, and then getting your house painted. We know your time is priceless and your home – valuable.  Trusted House Painter helps you find local house painters near you and provide you with valuable resources to secure a successful painting project. Get your home painted in 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Post Your Project

Click POST A PROJECT and within seconds you can post your interior or exterior painting project to all the local painting members in your area.

  • Communicate your painting needs by creating stylish and detailed posts of your painting project to attract the right local painting contractor.
  • Add all the details of the project including a title and description, pictures of your home, dates and times that work best for you, your color schedule and any other considerations you have.
  • View and manage all your past, present and future painting projects and colors in one safe place.

Therefore, it’s the easiest way to get your painting project started with trusted house painters near you using free resources to help you along the way. Here’s how…

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screenshot of pdf of homeowners toolkit. helps homeowners hire local painters near them

Step 2: Get Your Homeowner's Toolkit

Need help getting started? Overwhelmed because you’ve never painted your home or hired a painting contractor before?

No problem, we have the solution for you!

Once logged into your Homeowner Dashboard you have access to the FREE Homeowner Toolkit that walks you through the process of painting your home so that you feel confident and equipped to be successful.

  • Organize smart with the House Painting Planner.
  • Control the interview with your painting contractors by using the Painting Contractor Questionnaire.
  • Seal the deal with the templated Painting Contractor Agreement.


These are just 3 of the FREE helpful resources Trusted House Painter provides to make your project a success! 

Step 3: Get Quotes From Painters Near You

The best part of Trusted House Painter is that it allows you to post your project within seconds and then walk away knowing that our automated process sends your post to all the local painting contractors in your area.

  • No more spending hours looking for professional painters online or in the phone book.
  • Don’t wait for painters who never get a call back, get quick replies from professional painters.
  • Never again let your precious time slip away while missing the opportunity to paint your home.


As a result of using Trusted House Painter you can take control of your painting project, connect to caring and trusted interior and exterior painting professionals who care about providing quality service and protective coatings.