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About Us

Let's paint the world a better place. Shall we?

There’s a problem in the painting industry and Trusted House Painter is here to help you avoid it.

The problem is that it’s difficult finding reliable and trustworthy painting companies that deliver good customer service and quality work at affordable prices.

I’m Paul Stein – a professional residential house painter who specializes in helping home and property owners beautify their homes, and also the founder of Trusted House Painter. My core philosophy in business and life is this:

Be honest, produce quality value, keep your word and give more than you take. If we practice going the extra mile to build strong relationships throughout our communities we can add color to everyone’s life.

When painters get this part of trust, reliability and professionalism right in the painting trade, results follow. It’s my vision to create a community of painters worldwide who share a set of core values that manifest trust and value throughout our communities.

As a painter by trade, I love the physical aspect of life. I also enjoy helping everyone experience total painting success! Using technology and business is where I love to bring people together and create great experiences. 

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Paul Stein


Creating success stories worth sharing

"In a time when obtaining quality and attentive home renovation services is not always easy owing to seemingly high demand, it was great to find Paul & have a 100% experience in doing a small but a bit complex painting project in my condo apartment. From the assessment of my requirements & determination of the appropriate tints, to doing the job with care & attention to detail, Paul was the perfect painter."

Brian Cousins

Condo Owner

"For the past twenty years I have used Paul Stein for many painting projects varying in size from single family dwellings to large scale commercial buildings. In every application Paul has delivered an excellent finished product while achieving the specified delivery dates and adhering to budget commitments. His attention to detail is a rare quality to find in our instantaneous world, as is his positive attitude and ‘can do’ spirit."

Roger Tinney


Building bridges to other communities

Happy condo homeowners

It takes a lot of talented people to make Trusted House Painter the most trusted and transparent online house painting membership in the world.

From our talented senior and junior developers to our 24/7 customer support team, Trusted House Painter is an organization that understands you can’t scale WHAT you do, you can only scale WHO does it. And our team is vibrantly dedicated to bridging the communication gaps between the painting trade and homeowners worldwide.

Trusted House Painter is comprised of a team of technology enthusiasts that are building communication solutions for communities around the world to enhance trust, meaningful relationships and strong local communities.

Our core values

  • Professionalism and Clear Communication

    Our members are committed to maintaining professionalism and honesty in all our business interactions and communication with clients.

  • Quality Craftsmanship

    We encourage our membership of painters to provide quality craftsmanship above or equal to basic professional painting industry standards.

  • Respecting Privacy and Property

    We hold the core value of respecting individual member's privacy, their contracts and protect the property of our members at all times.

  • Delivering Our Promises

    By honoring all valid business contracts, agreements and commitments made with each other, we create trust within our communicates.

  • Honest Business Practices

    Our painter members are commit to honest pricing, ethical business practices and respect all laws governing our activities while a member.