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We connect you with painters, and each company has its own services. If you see a service not listed, then simply ask the painting company if they can provide the desired service. Most of our pros do exterior painting for both residential and commercial.

The Process of Getting Your Exterior Painted

Paul the founder of Trusted House Painter realized a few things: 

  • The painting industry had too many pain points for the customer.
  • Many Homeowners were being misled by questionable business practices.
  • There was room for improvement in the process for customers to hire house painters.

That’s precisely why he created the Trusted House Painter. He created a trusted brand to bring painting companies and people who needed exterior painting services together. Where they could communicate and seal the deal under one platform!

Step 1: Post Your Project

Get started by posting your project. When you post your project, the painters who have joined Trusted House Painter will get a notification to view the details.
You will go through an easy process that asks a few questions, like if it's an interior or exterior job. The whole process takes just a few minutes. It is completely free of charge!

If you want to see what local painters are near you, then click "Find Painters."

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Step 2: Get Your Quotes

During this step you can download your free homeowners tool kit and start planning the details of your exterior painting project. The Homeowner Toolkit will help guide you through the process of painting your home.

Organize the project with the House Painting Planner --Interview your painting contractors by using the Painting Contractor Questionnaire--Easily hire the exterior painting company of your choice with our Painter Contractor Agreement.

Once you have found some exterior painters that you want to work with then sit back and get your quotes!

Step 3: Get Your Interior Painted

Get the exterior of your house painted. Trusted House Painter helps you take charge of your painting project! Easy right?
It doesn't matter if you need the interior or exterior of your house painted. Or if you own a commercial building that need a fresh coat of paint, our painters can take care you.
There is no need to do it the old fashioned way and search the internet for hours. We can connect you with the best local exterior painters.



Frequently Asked Questions

Each painting company will offer different exterior painting services. You will see all their services listed like this:

    ist of commercial painting services

Click “Find Painters” you will be redirected to the Trusted Home Painter App. There you will be able to search for local exterior painters that are in your area


The cost is from $0.50 to $3.50 per square foot a painter will charge you for the exterior of your house. Typically, most homeowners will spend around $0.75 to $2 per square foot for the total project. The ease of access, location of your house, and the condition of your exterior will play the most significant roles in the final price of getting your exterior painted

The short answer is summer. However, summer times is usually the best time in climates that receive a cold winter. But for hot climates like Arizona or Texas, then Spring time of Fall is better.