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How To Paint The Concrete Foundation Around Your Home

house with concrete foundation

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Can you paint the concrete foundation of your home? The answer is yes!

My name is Paul from Trusted House Painter and in this post, I’m going to talk a little bit about what product to use and some of the procedures used to paint your concrete foundation. 

So what you’re looking at behind me is a concrete foundation of a big old home here, and it’s never been painted.

Generally speaking, you want to wash it, clean it, and you want to make sure it’s clean. In this situation it’s clean, you can see that yesterday I came by, there’s a few cracks in the foundation.

I came by yesterday and caulked it and now it’s ready to be painted. So the question is, what is the best product to use? Generally speaking with exposed concrete, it’s usually a good idea to prime it first and then paint it. And usually you can use any acrylic latex paint for that being a vertical surface that it is being that it’s very porous, and it’s not like a horizontal, well smooth surfaced concrete. 

It’s a very porous, and therefore, it doesn’t always need to have that primer coat. So what I’m going to recommend for this and what I’m going to paint it with today is a product called Deckote. Deckote is a great product, it’s an elastomeric coating and this one is tinted slate color so it’s going to go gray.

So with this product, it’s going to go on really smooth. It’s going to have a high build and it could go on with one coat.

It’s designed for two coats, but you could possibly get it with one coat. I’m gonna put two coats on today. Also some of the tools that I’m gonna use today are a big nine-inch roller for the big surfaces. And then for the areas that are smaller and more sliver like, I’m going to use a little whiz roller.

It’s a little cage, it’s got a little whiz roller on it. And I’ve got my handy, dandy brush my little two and a half inch brush that’s going to help me cut it in and whatnot. Another tool that I use on a regular basis, is what we call a cut card.

Now this is just a card that I’ve made, a wood card and with a little spine a piece of wood. What it can do is it can go up against the bottom like that.

What it does, is it helps protect the ground and you can kind of put your butt, you roller up against it, therefore, prevents it from spilling onto the concrete. So yes, you can paint your concrete foundation, and what I recommend using is deckote.

Deckote is a great elastomeric coating. It goes on smooth, and it has a beautiful finish.

So if you need help painting your concrete foundations go to, or you can give us a call at 1-866-724-6818. 

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