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How It Works:
Quickly Painting Your Dreams Into Existence

Trusted House Painter is a free service that helps you hire trusted professional painters and have a perfect painting project.

Post Your Painting Project

Never before has it been so easy to find whatever you need. As easy as it is, it’s more difficult than ever to find a reliable and professional painter that provides quality craftsmanship and good customer service.

If you’re looking for interior or exterior house painting quotes, Trusted House Painter makes it easy for you to organize and communicate your needs quickly to local painting companies and Get Quotes.  Here’s how it works!

In less time than it takes to search multiple websites and send numerous emails to painting companies, Trusted House Painter does the work for you.

Once your post is complete, it’s automatically sent to local painter members who will promptly contact you and get the process of painting your home started. And if there are no painters in your area, our support staff will personally connect you to qualified painting professionals.

Download Your Homeowner Toolkit

Want to feel confident you’ve hired the right painting contractor that will deliver professional results? How it works is so easy! Trusted House Painter helps homeowners have successful painting projects with the help of the free Homeowner Toolkit download. This valuable guide sets you up for project management success by showing the 5 stages every painting project goes through.


  1. Planning: scope of work, budgeting, paint colors.

  2. Hiring: searching, interviewing, hiring.

  3. Production: getting the work done.

  4. Completion: finishing, cleanup, payments.

  5. Warranty: coverage, duration.

Purchase the full Homeowner Toolkit today and get instant access to useful checklists, tips and advice to avoid common mistakes by homeowners, templates and checklists that keep you informed on how it works. 

Get Quotes From Local Painters

Our paint members are proud professional painting contractors who share the values of quality work, competitive pricing and honest customer service. 

You are not obligated to choose a painting contractor that provides you with a quote. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the painting contractors we matched you with or would just like to speak with another, let us know and we’d be happy to help.

If you are happy with the service and choose to hire a local Trusted House Painter member, we hope you use the Homeowner Toolkit to guide you to painting success and leave an honest review for the painting contractor. This keeps our platform transparent, provides valuable feedback to the painting members and helps other home and property owners know to hire.

Free Customer Support - For All Your Painting Needs

If you’re struggling with paint products or ideas for your DIY project, need help problem solving in general or would simply rather talk to a real person to get painting quotes for your home, you can call our toll-free hotline at 1-866-724-6818 and get immediate solutions. We make it easy to figure out how it works and how to get the results you’re looking for.

It’s our mission to provide helpful value so that you feel comfortable and assured that you’re dealing with real professionals.

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

Does Trusted House Painter cost anything?

No, the Trusted House Painter membership platform is a free service for home and property owners. In seconds you can search the platform for painters in any city by clicking Painters Near Me. To connect to local painter members via private invitation or by posting your project, we require you to join the membership as a Homeowner.

How It Works - Who is Trusted House Painter?

We’re a young group of professional painting business owners and technology enthusiasts who share the vision of painting the world a better place. Trusted House Painter’s mission is to help home and property owners prepare themselves for the task of hiring a painting contractor while providing modern communication tools that make lasting relationships and strong communities.

Do painters pay to be a part of your service?

Painter members also sign up for free and create their painter profile, get access to our global job posting board, and market their brand on Trusted House Painter.

Trusted House Painter offers a premium membership to painter members that give them competitive advantages, instant access to homeowner posts and credits that allow them to connect with home and property owners.

What if there's no painters in my city?

As a free full-service membership for home and property owners, simply post your painting project and our customer support will reach out to locally trusted painters and do the work for you. Consider it a free virtual painting quote concierge service that works for you, alleviating the burdens and stress of finding a painter.

What is the main benefit of using Trusted House Painter?

As an exclusive membership platform, the benefits of using Trusted House Painter to find and connect to local painting companies are plentiful.

We provide a safe and easy way for home and property owners to reduce the amount of time it takes to find a painter, contact the painter, get painting quotes, and get your painting project started. In less than a few clicks, you can save hours waiting for callbacks and get connected to professional painters near you.

Our platform acts as a simple project management tool that gives you full control of each stage of your project. Store and manage all your interior or exterior painting projects stored safely on the cloud.

We also provide how it works tutorials, helpful blogs and resources that help you with your DIY painting projects around the house as well as YouTube videos that can shorten your learning curve.

I’m a Property Manager /Real Estate professional. Can I partner with Trusted House Painter?

Trusted House Painter is the perfect resource for a busy Property Manager or professional Realtor.

We help you by doing the heavy lifting – the screening and finding of painters for you, saving time you hours of administrative work. We will take your painting project information and provide you with quick service and results.

You can sign up as a member for free or you can call our toll-free hotline anytime for help. 

Where do Professional Painters join?

If you’re a professional painting company that shares the values and mission of Trusted House Painter, this is an excellent opportunity to stand out from the crowd.

You can sign up as a member or you can call our toll-free hotline anytime for help.  We also have a Facebook page that you can like and share!

Everything you need to know about using Trusted House Painter

From signing up to the app to inviting your favourite painter to your painting project, you can learn how it works right here.

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