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How to Find Painters on Trusted House Painter

In this video, you'll learn how to find local painting contractors and get quotes fast using Trusted House Painter.

How to Find Painters on Trusted House Painter

Trusted House Painter is the fastest way to connect to professional painting companies so that you can start your painting project faster, more efficiently and with certainty.


In seconds you can find multiple painting companies in and around your area that you can connect to and invite to quote on your painting project. This video is a step-by-step tutorial on how to find local painting contractors and get quotes fast using Trusted House Painter.


Once logged into Trusted House Painter, click find painter located on the top navigation bar. Enter your home address or city in the search bar and then select an appropriate address in the drop down location menu. There you have it, you're seconds away from connecting to local painting companies ready to help you get started. It's really that simple!


You can instantly view painting company profiles, check out their business details as well as accreditations, licensing and reviews from other clients, and when you're ready you can privately message them.


Scroll down on their painter profile and click request quote.


First, you enter your contact information. You can either select a current project that you would like to invite them to or you can create a new project by entering a new post title.


Enter your address, the painting type, your urgency and a brief description of the project. Click submit and there you go - your invitation has been sent. You can view the project you just created, visit your dashboard, find more painters or simply sit back and let the app automatically connect you to local painters.



Post your painting project in minutes, prepare for success and get all the quotes you need - all in one place.

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