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Power Washing

Prior to painting the exterior of your home, it’s a painting industry standard to wash the surfaces and get rid of all the dust and grime that collect over time.

Whether you’re looking to improve the look of your property, maintain its condition, or prepare for a fresh coat of paint, power washing service is an effective and efficient way to clean.

But keep in mind, like any tool, power washing can cause damage to surfaces if not careful.

Trusted House Painter’s free online directory of local painters is here to help you achieve a fresh and brand-new look for your home and business by hiring professional painters who care about your property. 

What is Power Washing?

Power washing is like giving your home a deep clean using a super-strong shower. It’s a great tool for cleaning all the dirt that accumulates from road traffic, algae and moss that grows on the north side of your home, and other environmental life that sticks to the outside of your house over time.

Power washing, also known as pressure washing, is a cleaning method used to remove dirt, grime, mold, stains, and other types of buildup from surfaces using a high-pressure stream of water.

Hot water pressure washers are a step up to your average cold water power washer, and can clean the toughest of issues.

Here’s a simple breakdown of what power washing involves:

  1. High-Pressure Water Spray: A power washer uses a pump to create a high-pressure stream of water. They come in contractor grade (2500-10,0000 PSI) and retail models for DIY homeowners. Pressure washers are powered by electric and gas engines. The pressures derived can be much stronger than a typical garden hose and should be used with caution and by trained individuals.
  2. Cleaning Surfaces: The high-pressure water is great for cleaning tough outdoor surfaces like driveways, sidewalks, decks, patios, siding on houses, and even fences. Where areas of mildew, mold, and dirt buildup are prevalent or difficult to remove, applying a cleaning detergent with a light scrub prior to washing can do wonders. (Sometimes you realize you don’t even need to paint!) 
  3. Removing Tough Dirt: Because the water is so powerful, it can remove things like mud, algae, moss, loose paint, and stains that are hard to clean with just soap and water. However, the more powerful the pressure means the more damage that can be caused if you’re not careful. It’s important to note that while power washing CAN be used to strip paint and remove tough grime, it’s not always the best tool – as it can easily scar the surface or cause severe damage.
  4. Versatility: Power washers can be adjusted to use different pressures, making them suitable for a wide range of surfaces, from sturdy concrete to more delicate wood decking. Using different types of nozzle tips can also produce a variety of results. Plus, you can interchange different adapters that make cleaning exposed aggregate on your driveway or concrete floors in your garage easy. 

Who Should Consider Power Washing?

Power washing is a versatile cleaning solution that almost anyone can perform. However, depending on the horsepower of the power washer and the task at hand, it can be very physically demanding. Standing on ladders and working overhead take considerable amount of stamina and physical endurance. 

Whether you’re concerned about the appearance, maintenance, or planning on painting the exterior of your home, power washing is a common form of preparation and is a quick and effective solution. 

Here’s who can benefit the most:

  • Homeowners: If you own a house or property, power washing can be a great way to keep your home looking fresh and clean. It’s perfect for removing dirt and grime that builds up over time. It can also remove the moss and green algae growth that occurs around your home.
  • Business Owners: If you have a retail business with a physical location, you’re going to want to consider power washing at least once per year to maintain an inviting appearance for your customers. If you need a commercial painter in your area use Trusted House Painter’s free online post builder to get 3 competitive quotes.
  • Property Managers: For property managers who mange rental properties, stratas or homeowners’ associations, you’ll want to hire a professional painter who can provide honest results and communicate effectively. Find local residential and commercial painters near you using Trusted House Painter’s free online directory. And if your project is urgent, call our toll-free hotline at 1-866-724-6818 and let us save you time – and look good too! Consider us your personal painter concierge!

Why Get a Power Washing Service?

Using Trusted House Painter to find a power washing and painting company offers several advantages. It’s a fast and efficient way to connect to local available painters who will revitalize your property while also providing great customer service.

Unlike most painting businesses, you won’t wait for days to get replies or service, and you can get multiple competitive quotes from professional and eager painters quickly.

Here’s why you should use Trusted House Painter to get painting quotes:

  • Makes Your Property Look New: Power washing can really brighten up the exterior of your property, making it look newer and more attractive. Whether you live in Grand Rapids MI, Essex County, NJ or Scarborough QLD, Australia – Trusted House Painter is a global directory of painters and power washing companies who will provide a great experience.
  • Prevents Damage: Over time, constant dirt, grime and mildew buildup can actually damage your property. Cool and wet areas that don’t see a lot of sunlight or airflow can also lead to unnecessary wood rot. Power washing keeps your surfaces clean and helps prevent this wear and tear.
  • Health Benefits: Removing mold, mildew, and other allergens from your property’s exterior can make for a healthier environment. It also makes you feel better when your property is clean, and quite often a quick pressure-washing clean can extend the life of your paint job.
  • Preparation for Painting: As mentioned earlier, if you’re planning to paint any exterior surface, power washing is a crucial step to prepare the surface for new paint. You can’t, nor should you paint overtop of dirt, oil, bird poo, or other substances – the paint will eventually fail and start flaking. 
  • Saves Time and Effort: Power washing is much faster and more effective than trying to clean your property’s exterior by hand. Tip: it’s always best to hire a painting company that performs the exterior washing, surface prep and painting as a package. This reduces the time it takes to hire and interview many painters and is easier to deal with warranty issues if any issues arise from the work.

Why You Should Choose Trusted House Painter For your next project

Trusted House Painter is a platform for homeowners to find local painting companies with a reputation for good customer service in power washing, painting, and related services. We vet all our members and delete the accounts that don’t answer their phones or have bad reviews.

Plus, our platform and painters do more than pressure washing; we’re experts in getting houses ready for painting for a new makeover. You’ll find our painters are fully licensed and insured, giving you peace of mind that the job will be done safely and to professional standards.

What To Expect when Power Washing

Trusted House Painter has hundreds of professional and local painting companies who also specialize in power washing. You should expect painting contractors who listen to your needs, and provide high-end power washing services that effectively blast away dirt and grime while being gentle on your property’s surfaces. Your home should be cleaned and free from dirt without causing harm.

  • Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solutions: Our painter members are committed to protecting the environment. We encourage the use of eco-friendly cleaning agents that are tough on dirt but gentle on the planet. These solutions are safe for your garden, pets, and the local ecosystem.

We Keep It Safe

When hiring a painting company to paint your home, it’s best to find a company that values workplace safety and cares for your property. Trusted House Painter provides painter profiles that show all our painter members’ general liability and worker insurance coverage to ensure a smooth and accident-free power washing experience. Click here to view painter profiles in your area.

  • Protecting Your Property: We recommend hiring painters who take extra precautions to shield your home’s vulnerable areas during the power washing process. This includes covering windows, protecting delicate plants, and securing any outdoor furniture or decorations.

  • Ensuring the Safety of Everyone Involved: We also recommend hiring a painting contractor who is trained in the latest safety practices. By downloading your free Homeowner Toolkit guides, Trusted House Painter helps ensure you’ve hired a professional painting and power washing company who provides the utmost care to protect not just your property, but also your family, pets, and our staff.

Time and Cost Efficiency of Hiring a Professional Power Washing Company

When you hire a professional from Trusted House Painter’s directory of local painters for your power washing needs, you’re not just getting a top-notch cleaning service; you’re also benefiting from efficiency in both time and cost. Here’s a few tips to help you hire the right power washing company.

  • Efficient Cleaning Process: Most power washing methods are designed to be thorough and quick. This means you get excellent results without lengthy disruptions to your daily routine. Hiring a painting company that values your time and aims to complete their work efficiently without compromising on quality is what you’ll find using Trusted House Painter.
  • Competitive Pricing: Our painters also aim for budget-friendly solutions for your concerns. That’s why using Trusted House Painter to get power washing quotes is the fast and easy way to start your painting project – you get multiple painting quotes that are priced competitively. Download your House Painting Planner and get transparent pricing without hidden costs, ensuring you get the best value for your money.
  • Customized Service Packages: Every property is unique, and you want a professional painting contractor who offers customized power washing packages tailored to your specific needs. This approach ensures that you only pay for what you need, making it a cost-effective solution for maintaining your property’s appearance and integrity.

Quality Assurance

Trusted House Painter helps you find local painters who provide high standards and quality customer service in their power washing and painting services. Whether you are painting your house or power washing your driveway, you can expect the same level of professional quality and attention to detail.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed. Trusted House Painter provides free phone support when you need it the most. And our preferred painting contractors stand behind their work with their satisfaction guarantee. Our goal at Trusted House Painter is to provide prompt and helpful guidance when taking on your next interior or exterior painting project, ensuring that your property not only looks its best but also receives care that lasts. Get started today by searching for local painters, or creating a free listing of your painting project to get quotes fast!

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Frequently Asked Questions

The frequency of power washing depends on several factors, including local climate, property location, and the type of surface being cleaned. Generally, it’s a good idea to power wash your property at least once a year to maintain its appearance and prevent buildup.

Power washing is highly effective at removing most types of surface stains, including dirt, mold, mildew, and algae. However, some stains, like oil or rust, may require special treatment or cleaning agents for complete removal. Contact our expert support team at 1-866-724-6818 if you have any questions about your power washing project.

While power washing is safe for most siding materials, such as vinyl, stucco siding and brick, and most types of wood, it’s important to use the correct pressure settings to avoid damage. If you’re washing wood cedar shakes or lap siding, it’s best to angle your power washer spray downward to prevent pushing the water up into and behind the siding. 

Power washing can be more water-efficient than traditional cleaning methods. Most power washers are designed to maximize cleaning efficiency with minimal water use, making it an environmentally friendly option. However, if your water supply is from a local well, you may want to perform intermittent sessions to allow for your well to refill.  

Yes, power washing is often performed throughout the year, however it’s best to avoid power washing in extreme weather conditions, such as strong winds, or freezing temperatures. Ideal conditions for power washing are mild, dry weather. Pressure washing in the rain can also help rinse and pre-soak surfaces to help loosen grime. Call our toll free hotline if you have any questions or concerns about your power washing needs. Our free expert advice will save you hours of research online.