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How to Post Your Painting Project on Trusted House Painter

In this video you'll learn how to post your painting project to locally trusted painting professionals, and get quotes fast.

How to Post Your Painting Project on Trusted House Painter

Trusted House Painter makes it easy to connect to local painting companies and get your painting project started sooner.


In the video above, your learn how to post your painting project on Trusted House Painter to save time and energy getting multiple painting quotes in one place.


There's two ways to post your painting project.


The first way is by clicking Get Quotes on the homepage of Trusted House Painter. The second way is by logging into your homeowner account and clicking Post Project on your top navigation bar.


There's five parts to posting your project, however you can complete your post at any part along the way. Within seconds you can finish your post after part 1 or you can complete all 5 parts and add all the details to communicate your specific painting needs.


Part 1 is the basic information of your post, along with a title and a brief description. Part 2 discusses more specific details of the project. Part 3 is where you can add your pictures. part 4 introduces your color palette and gets your creative juices flowing. And in part 5 you identify your scheduling needs along with any other trades work you might need during your painting project.


Once you fill out all the necessary contact information about your painting project you can then preview your post. When you preview your post Trusted House Painter automatically saves it to your homeowner dashboard in case you need to come back and finish the post at a later date.


Previewing your post you can delete the project, you can edit any section of the form or you can finish the post.


Finishing your post is done one of two ways. Posting your project to all sends your post to all local painting companies in your area. Or you can privately invite your favorite painters and keep your project private.


To get multiple quotes with a faster response rate post your project to all painters. Now just sit back and let Trusted House Painter do the work connecting your painting project to local painting companies.


Now that you know how to post your painting project on Trusted House Painter, you will be notified when painting companies view your post. Painters can reply directly from your post or they will call the phone number provided.


It's easy, it's quick and it's free!



Post your painting project in minutes, prepare for success and get all the quotes you need - all in one place.

Paint your home without the stress!

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