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How To Download Your Homeowner Toolkit

In this video, you'll learn how you can plan and prepare your painting project using Trusted House Painter’s free Homeowner Toolkit.

Post your painting project, and get quotes fast.

How To Download Your Homeowner Toolkit

Hiring a painting contractor to paint your home can be stressful, and it can take a lot of time and money if you don't plan and control the project.


In this video i'll show you how you can plan, and prepare your painting project using Trusted House Painter's free Homeowner Toolkit.


The Homeowner Tool kit is a series of documents that guide home and property owners down the path to painting success. By understanding the phases of your painting project the bottlenecks and problems that commonly occur in typical residential painting projects you can avoid the pain of dealing with unexpected circumstances and be prepared for when and if problems arise.


First, log into your homeowner dashboard on


At the top of your homeowner dashboard you'll see a green button that links to your Homeowner Toolkit. Clicking this button will take you to the main Homeowner Toolkit page which you can pick and choose any of the free documents that you need assistance with.


The Homeowner Toolkit provides you with the house painting planner document which walks you through the basic steps of planning for success. Each chapter provides multiple tips and ideas to help you save time. Printable checklists and planning sheets help you achieve positive results while feeling confident throughout the process of painting your home.


The Painting Contractor Questionnaire - this document provides you with over 50 commonly asked questions homeowners ask painting contractors in the interview phase. You also receive a printable painting contractor interview score sheet and painting contractor reference list to help you visually organize your results.


The Painting Service Agreement - which provides you with a practical agreement that will protect you from unwanted complications and stress. Printable pages allow you to make multiple copies for each party.


The Interior and Exterior Color Palette Record Sheets - these sheets provide you with an example and a template that will help you stay organized during the project, and record your color palette for future reference.


How To Choose The Perfect Paint Colors For Your Home - this free pdf provides you with color tips and design advice from Carla Hedman, a 20-year color consultant, to help you understand seven factors that create the perfect paint color for your home.


Best Paint Colors For Your Bedroom Walls - this free pdf gives you the inside secrets and frameworks for choosing the best paint colors for your bedroom walls.


As a member of Trusted House Painter, the Homeowner tool kit acts as a free resource to help you overcome the obstacles that stop you from having successful painting projects and a pleasant experience with your painting contractor.


Post your painting project, download your Homeowner Toolkit and get quotes automatically from locally trusted painters.


It's easy it's free and it saves you time and money!



Post your painting project in minutes, prepare for success and get all the quotes you need - all in one place.

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