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Homeowner Toolkit

Enhance your home experience by hiring the appropriate painter and investing more time in enjoying it.

The Homeowner Toolkit is full of insider advice, printable documents, and design knowledge. It’s everything you need to have a successful painting project!

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House Painting Planner

House Painting Planner

7 practical tips to help you have a successful painting project. Print templates that help communicate your requests and assist with a successful completion of your painting project.

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Painting Contractor Questionnaire

Walk into your interview prepared with the most important questions to ask your painter. This questionnaire will ensure you get the information you need and offers convenient templates to document the answers.

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Painting Contractor Questionnaire
Painting Service Agreement

Painting Service Agreement

Contracts and agreements can feel intimidating, but they are the best way to enforce accountability and provide quick conflict resolution. We’ve created this comprehensive agreement to get you started on the right foot.

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Interior Color Palette

Document the interior colors of your living space and keeping records management simple. Stay organized and never forget your color scheme and make future touch-ups a breeze.

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Exterior Color Palette

The Exterior Colour Palette documents your new or existing interior colour pallet. Printable palettes are available for you to store and file away all documents together for your future records.

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Perfect Paint Color For Your Home

How To Choose The Perfect Paint Colors For Your Home

Understanding color is crucial when painting your vision into a space. Learn how lighting and boldness affect your color so you can get the results you want.

Best Bedroom Wall Colors

In your lifetime, you’ll spend around 33 years in bed, so your bedroom should be a place of rest and inspiration. Take a look through the best bedroom colors and discover what that looks like for you.

Best Bedroom Wall Colors