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Trusted House Painter makes it easy for you to find and connect to local painting professionals so that you can start your painting project faster and with confidence that you’ll hire the right painting contractor. This category of posts will introduce you to how the Trusted House Painter app works, how to navigate your Homeowner Dashboard, and how to create beautiful and elegant posts that communicate your painting needs clearly so that it attracts local painters to bid on your project.

After you’ve posted your painting project, the app does the work for you. Our unique platform takes the stress out of finding the right painting contractor and sets you up for painting success. Download the FREE Homeowner Toolkit if you need additional guidance or help navigating through the process of painting your home.

How It Works

How to Download Homeowner Toolkit

How To Download Your Homeowner Toolkit In this video, you’ll learn how you can plan and prepare your painting project using Trusted House Painter’s free Homeowner Toolkit. Post your painting project, and get

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