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How To Change Your Project Status On Trusted House Painter

In this video you'll learn how to change the status of your posts on Trusted House Painter.

HO How to change the status of projects

  1. Saved
  2. Live Public / Live Private
  3. Paused
  4. Getting more quotes
  5. Archive
  6. Delete

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How To Change Your Project Status On Trusted House Painter

In this video I'll show you how to change the status of your posts on Trusted House Painter.


When you create a post for the first time Trusted House Painter automatically saves it as a draft on your homeowner dashboard. You can find it with the status of saved under your project history section on your homeowner dashboard. In the saved status you are able to edit, change and save any part of your post prior to posting it to local painters.


You can also delete the project if you need to start over or if you no longer need to hire a painter.


Once you're ready view your post and click finish to post your project to all local painting companies in your area or you can privately invite your favorite trusted painters and keep your project private. To get multiple quotes with a faster response rate post your project to all painters.


After you've posted your project live to all local painters and receive the desired responses, you can pause your post stopping other painting contractors from contacting you. Simply view your post and click the pause button. Should you need more quotes you can view your post and click get more quotes. This Unpauses the post and republishes it to all the painters in your area.


When you've received more responses you can again pause your post and then archive it when the project is complete.


On a side note if you've privately invited painters you can always invite more painters should you need more quotes. Subsequently you can also pause your post when you found the right painting contractor. Once you've received the desired responses from enough local painters you can pause your post and after you've hired the right painting contractor completed the project you can now change your project status to archived.


In this status, your post is stored as a copy for your future records. You cannot repost an archived post however if you no longer need the listing you can delete the post after archiving it. Once you've paused and archived your project and no longer need the project reference or didn't hire a painting contractor from Trusted House Painter you can delete your project from your homeowner dashboard.


Simply view your archive project and click one of the two delete buttons. (On a side note once you've deleted a post you can no longer view or retrieve the details of the post.)


Now that you know how to control the status of your painting project, you can use Trusted House Painter to get painting quotes fast and manage all of your painting projects in one place. Should you need any help along the way or have any questions feel free to contact our friendly support staff by way of the online chat widget, submit a support ticket, or you can email us directly at



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