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Best Paint Colors For Bedroom Walls

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Best Bedroom Wall Colors


In this video Carla Hedman from Trusted House Painter discuss the feel of Bright and Cheerful colors, from Carla’s Free PDF download – Best Paint Colors For Bedroom Walls.

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Paul: The third point which is Bright and Cheerful. Now we're broadcasting right now from the Pacific Northwest area and it's not always sunny here. There's a lot of gray and whenever I travel down to Mexico, or go to Hawaii, or Puerto Rico I notice that there's a lot of bright and cheerful colors. So that brings us on to this third point which is Bright and Cheerful. What colors, what examples would you give that would help create a bright and cheerful room?


Carla: Well, bright and cheerful typically tends to be an actual color. We're not talking about neutrals at this point I would say that bright and cheery means a color. And you can go a little brighter, a little bit more vibrant because you are looking for a little bit more energy. And again it's the colors give energy off on them, so the more intense the energy you want the more vibrant you're going to go.


Carla: So if for example, you want it to feel sunny in your room then maybe you want to pick a sunny yellow. For those of us in the Pacific Northwest that it tends to be gray, you know roughly six months of the year outside, maybe a little bright and sunny isn't a bad thing you know. So maybe you can pretend that you're in Mexico for those times even though you can't be.


Paul: Yeah, it's funny because as I drive down the road I kind of see those people that take this factor, the bright and cheerful, they take it to the exterior of their homes. And I see that because the one house is gray, the next one's a neutral gray, the next one's a brown the next one's a taupe. And then there comes like a big yellow house or something and I can see that they've tried to bring that to the exterior of their house - to bring a little bit more bright and cheerful. So bringing that into your bedroom allows a little bit more space, a little bit more color and as you said the vibrational essence of the of the color really adds a little bit of life to your room, right?


Carla: So if you're feeling a little sluggish maybe that's a good way to add a little bit of color or energy into your space.


Watch the full video interview with Carla Hedman here.

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