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    Whether you have a 2-storey wood siding home in Colwood or a stucco siding home on Bear Mountain in Langford – our painters will provide you with fast and professional painting services you can expect.

    Interior Painting

    Do you need your interior walls and ceilings refreshed? Are you renovating your bathroom and need a residential painter to help you finish the work? Get results but hiring a painter from Trusted House Painter today!

    Wood Fences

    Find local painting companies near you who can repair and stain your cedar wood fence, paint your back wood deck and deliver timely results that last a lifetime. Trusted House Painter is your guide for pro painters. 

    Strata Painting

    Langford has a wide array of stratas and condo living. Whether you live in a strata building on Goldstream Ave., or a multi-unit ground level duplex style strata on Westshore Parkway, we will help you get the quotes you need to make an informed choice.

    Stucco Painting

    Stucco homes are resilient and are often found close to the water’s edge. Langford and Colwood are full of 1950-1970’s stucco homes that create a cozy community feel. A wash and paint with acrylic latex paint will make your home look amazing!

    Vinyl Siding

    A common style among the homes in Langford are vinyl siding homes. This material is durable and requires very little maintenance. However, due to its aging architecture, painting your vinyl siding is a breeze. Get free painting quotes today.

    House Painters Langford BC

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    Steady Hands Painting

    Steady Hands Painting
    Langford, BC


    Langford, BC

    Hackett Painting
    Langford, BC


    Student Works Painting
    Langford, BC

    Top Coat Painting
    Gordon Head, BC

    Xico Enterprises Painting Victoria BC

    Xico Enterprises Ltd
    Saanich, BC

    35 Years Painting And Decorating
    Victoria, BC

    Rivterra Services
    Victoria, BC

    The Crown Custom Painting Victoria

    The Crown Custom Painting
    Victoria, BC

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    Trusted by homeowners In Langford And Colwood
    Joseph Quid
    a week ago
    I am renovating an older Victorian home and was in need of a painter that could do a nice clean job and not mess up any of the existing work that could be done. Used this service to contact a few in my area and those that said they had years of experience and could do the job were really lacking in the understanding of what was needed and only offered mediocre suggestions for what paints, colors, etc. One of those that showed up still had wet paint on his clothes and brushed up against a finished wood wall and smeared paint on it, which when cleaned up still leaves a smear that I'll have to pay someone to come out and refinish the whole section to get it to look right again. In my opinion: STAY AWAY FROM THESE GUYS!!
    Gilbert Quesada
    2 weeks ago
    Awesome team had a great Communication back and forth looking forward to continuing with them!
    R Lumley
    a month ago
    This is a fantastic service! Paul was very helpful with lots of great suggestions and connections to get the ball rolling.
    Ali Gillespie
    a month ago
    Friendly, and super knowledgeable. Thank you!!
    Gabriole Sinclaire
    2 months ago
    Paul provided me with some great advice and guidance when looking for a painter for a strata building. He was extremely professional and helpful! I would definitely recommend his services

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    Residential painting in Langford and Colwood cover both large and small jobs. For the interior and exterior painters of your home most surfaces.

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