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How To Install Trusted House Painter Mobile App

Trusted House Painter is designed to go with you where you go, and work for you where you work.

That’s why we designed it to work great on mobile devices. 

This article shows you how to add the Trusted House Painter app to your mobile device. It works great on iPhone devices as a Home Screen app. On Android, simply add the bookmark to your favorite web browser and save it how you like to work in your preferred workflow. 

5 Easy Steps to Install on Apple iPhone

These steps below show you how to add Trusted House Painter to your Home Screen. This method works on iOS 14.

These steps should also work on iOS 13 and iOS 12.

If you are running older versions of Apple’s mobile operating system, the method may be slightly different, but you should be able to add to home screen by using the tools in the older operating systems, it probably will just look a little different as you proceed through the steps.

Keep in mind, this method only works with Safari, Apple’s mobile browser for iOS. 


Open Safari & navigate to


Tap the 'Share' button at the bottom of the screen.


Tap the 'Add to Home Screen' button.


Give it a name and tap 'Add'. We recommend 'Trusted House Painter'


Launch Trusted House Painter right from your Home Screen!

Steps to Install on Android (Coming Soon)

Instructions for Android coming soon.