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Best Paint Colors For Bedroom Walls

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Best Bedroom Wall Colors


In this video Carla Hedman from Trusted House Painter discuss the feel of Quiet and Calm colors, from Carla’s Free PDF download – Best Paint Colors For Bedroom Walls.

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Paul: Well the next factor here the factor number four on the pdf the free pdf, best paint colors for your bedroom walls - which you can download for free at along with other pdfs that Carla has made that help you choose the best colors for your home for your bedroom and elsewhere. The factor number four that I really like and this is where what my wife really likes when we painted our home, was quiet and calm. Because our lives tend to be busy tends to be noisy and it seems like you know the more we go further down into the 2020's this next decade it seems like there's a lot of noise out there. And for me being able to turn off the lights, close the blinds, turn off every all the noise in my head and lay back and sleep really helps me get a good rest so that I'm creative and vibrant the next day. So the next factor that we're talking about is a Quiet and Calm room. This is a feel of the room. Explain what you mean by that.


Carla: Well what I mean usually by that and that can come into sort of the soft and warm and the light and airy, they do fall in there but what I'm also counting in this one is that sort of calming element is something that's been neutralized. It's all about neutral or neutralized color. That's what's going to give you that calming effect, that quieter more sort of restorative feel after sleeping. You want to feel like you've actually slept the night away instead of tossed and turned, and you know when you go to bed at night that sort of feel just sort of sets the mood for you. You wake up in the morning and it actually helps you in the morning too. So if you feel like you had a rough night maybe you wake up and it's calm in the morning to see to wake up to a soft calm you know quiet space sometimes helps too.


Paul: Yeah, and one thing I noticed, well at least my wife she's quite the designer. She adds a little bit of element to our life for sure. One thing I noticed is that our room is quiet and calm. The paint colors in our room is quiet and calm and what she does is that she adds a nice rich warm duvet cover on the bed. Or some nice color pillows on the bed, which really adds to the room. She sometimes hangs a green plant in the corner of the room and it helps create that calm and quiet feel a little bit. It almost feels like I'm in nature in a way, So that's what I've noticed helps me.


Carla: That's a really great way to do that is to bring the outside in. So bringing in a little bit of natural elements into your space sort of you know restores where you're at because we're all part of the earth, we need to bring a little bit of that outside in. 


Watch the full video interview with Carla Hedman here.

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