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Best Paint Colors For Bedroom Walls

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Best Bedroom Wall Colors


In this video Carla Hedman from Trusted House Painter discuss the feel of Soft and Warm colors, from Carla’s Free PDF download – Best Paint Colors For Bedroom Walls.

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Best Paint Colors For Bedroom Walls

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Paul: So Carla, let's start off with point number one in the PDF - Soft and Warm colors. What what do you mean by that?


Carla: So basically when I say soft I mean something that's been muted. It's not a really intense color; everything is a little bit quieter, it's muted. What that means really, is that it's typically not a true color. It tends to have a smokiness or a haziness that comes across it and that sort of makes it soft.


Carla: And then the warm, the warm tends to come in the ends of the warm color wheel. So in the color wheel you're looking at yellows, reds and oranges. That being said, you don't have to have yellow, red or orange on the wall. We can always have them as a neutral and so that can be your undertone in your white or your beige or your sand - and those guys all fall within that color scheme.


Paul: Okay, so just like for example just a little bit of pigment in in the paint color. There's not a lot of pigment, it's not a it's not popping out at you in other words right?


Carla: Exactly, exactly. So it just is a, you know, it's not a huge impact. When you do colors like that, what it often does is it gives you a really great backdrop for all of your decor. So that way, what your eye is drawn to is your decor. So again if you want to evoke an element of quiet in the space even though you've gone soft and warm, if you do very soft quiet colors with the soft quiet walls it still feels soft and quiet.


Carla: So say you're using a creamy color on your walls and then you use creams and beiges in your decor so you don't have a lot of contrast. So it still feels warm but it feels quiet as well.


Watch the full video interview with Carla Hedman here.

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