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Stephan Timbrell – Frog Clan Painting Group, Coquitlam, BC

Frog Clan Painting Group Coquitlam

It’s our pleasure to introduce Stephan Timbrell from Frog Clan Painting Group to the conversation.

Based out of Coquitlam, Stephan Timbrell is the owner of Frog Clan Painting Group – an Indigenous owned and operated painting company that operates in the lower mainland of B.C. Canada.

Specializing in both interior and exterior painting, they also provide commercial and residential painting services as well as renovations, restoration and new construction projects.

As highly trained painters, their team has decades of experience. They offer a no-hassle guarantee on the work they provide and strive to deliver a superior finished product.

Frog Clan Painting’s customer service is consistent with every customer.

Stephan, what makes you tick? Where do you get your inspiration?

I have a photographic memory, when I really enjoy something I like to learn how to master it, and keep learning each day it is a passion of mine“, Stephan elegantly explains. Stephan discusses how he enjoys watching things grow and evolve in the most efficient way.

“I started painting when I was 16 years old. I use to paint models as a child, and really appreciate being able to transform things to a beautiful finish. I love what I do plain and simple”.

Stephan, what’s your recipe for success?

While discussing topics of leadership and motivation Stephan openly shared what his recipe for success in his painting business has been over the years. “I like making teams that all use the same systems using the best tools, and products. I am a quality person and always go for the best option. Life is too short to have second best.”


Stephan Timbrell Frog Clan Painting
Stephan Timbrell Frog Clan Painting

So far you’ve accomplished a lot of wins in your painting business. Please tell us some of your accomplishments so far!

As the business owner of a Frog Clan Painting Group, Stephan Timbrell confesses that one of his biggest accomplishments is being able to successfully operate a painting company while bringing teams together.

“The ability to impress people with our skill and quality on every job brings me energy. When I’m explaining to each customer the process that we do, and things go exactly as planned I feel alive. Our team are all very personable and able to get along with people”, Stephan explains.

To end his sentence, Stephan lets out a golden nugget, “the key is keeping people around with the same mindset.”

Having a strong work ethic and being consistent with your work can go a long way. Stephen says having a strong work ethic is essential to achieving success. And when you put in the effort and stay focused, you will see the results.

“Working hard and being consistent can help you develop the skills and knowledge necessary that will be beneficial in the long run. It can also help you build relationships with people on your team that can help you reach your goals. Hard work and consistency are key components of the success Frog Clan Painting Group has experienced. “When you put in the effort and stay focused, your hard work pays off”.

Homeowners who hire Frog Clan Painting can expect a punctual arrival, organized teams of production and professional service. The service interior and exterior painting from West Vancouver all the way to Chilliwack, or the lower mainland.

Some of the home services Frog Clan Painting Group provide are:

  • power washing and cleaning
  • interior kitchen cabinets
  • exterior stucco and wood siding
  • interior walls, ceilings and trim
  • staining, epoxy, concrete coatings
  • carpentry and drywall

Need a painting quote? Invite Stephan Timbrell and Frog Clan Painting Group using Trusted House Painter’s free and easy to use service.

Frog Clan Painting Group – Trusted House Painter

Frog Clan Painting Group Interior Ceilings
Frog Clan Painting Group Interior Ceilings

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