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Priming Drywall – What You Need to Know

Paint and Primer in One? Is it really good for priming drywall? Does it replace using oil primer on wood? Over the years, the painting industry has changed a lot – specifically the products being used and their environmental impact. In this video I discuss the differences between using a PVA (poly vinyl acetate) primer versus the paint-and-primer-in-one.

Helpful Tips When Painting Your Garage Door

It’s easy to ignore the appearance of your garage door if it’s in working order, but your garage door can be the finishing touch to your home exterior look. 

A fresh coat of paint will instantly enhance the appearance of your door while offering protection from outdoor elements such as rust.  

Understanding how to paint a garage door and covering all its panels and angles may look a little intimidating, and outdoor paint jobs are a bit time-consuming because of drying times– but it’s a simple task.

The Best Way To Paint Behind Your Toilet!

Are you all set and ready to start painting your bathroom but then find yourself wondering How To Paint Behind A Toilet?

The tight space behind the toilet is the toughest portion of your bathroom to tackle, creating issues when it comes to dusting and painting.

If the toilet tank is positioned not completely flush to the wall, it leaves little to no room to maneuver a roller or paintbrush.

If you are giving your bathroom a fresh coat of paint, you don’t want to ruin the finished look by missing the section behind your toilet.

You can freshen up behind your toilet without removing the tank, but you can also do it this way if you find it easier to remove the tank.

How To Paint Over Stained Wood | A few tips to consider | Painting Tips With the Pros

Many people ask, how to paint over stained wood? Here are the best tips to painting over stained wood. In this video I discuss the three different types of stain as well as how to prep and prepare your stain surfaces for paint. Not all Stains are the same so it’s important that you identify the surface you’re painting and talk to professional painter or paint sales rep in order to get the proper advice for your unique project. I will give you some alternative methods to painting over stained wood. After watching this video you will have a firm grasp on how to paint over stained wood.

Understanding Your Pricing: How to quote for a successful painting projects.

26 views Streamed live on Jun 5, 2021 In this podcast you’ll learn about a pricing matrix that could help nail down your pricing so that you land more projects, with greater profit margins.

How To Sign Up and Complete Your Homeowner Profile on Trusted House Painter

Want help finding local professional painters in your area? Trusted House Painter is a free platform that makes your life easy by connecting you to locally trusted painting professionals. It’s free for homeowners, property managers and realtors to use. Plus we have a toll-free hotline that can help you with any paint related question you have. In this video you’ll learn how to sign up to as a homeowner, how to confirm your email address and complete your profile set up. Trusted House Painter helps you find painting companies in any city, post your painting project to get quotes and prepare for success using the free Homeowner Toolkit.