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Carla Hedman and Paul Stein from discuss tip #7 “Artificial Lighting” from the free pdf download - How to choose the perfect paint color for your home.

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Paul: tell us a little bit more about our how artificial lighting can affect colors.


Carla: Well it's just like I was saying about daylight and how daylight can be blue and sunlight can be warm, you can buy bulbs that are trying to emulate basically the light that comes off the sun. It's just in a much muted and softer way, obviously we don't want to burn our houses down but it's it really comes down to you know if you're wanting to have, like if you're choosing a color in the south side of the house that's going to be a warm light. South facing rooms, west facing rooms tend to be hotter light that comes in them. So you know sometimes it's a good rule of thumb to choose cooler colors in the warmer rooms and conversely in the cooler side of the house with the east and the north side facing spaces to choose warmer ones so that in the reality of the scheme of things is that the temperature value seems similar in the end so that they're a little bit more cohesive. Just to work with what the lighting is doing, where the sun is and then also considering what sort of artificial lighting you're choosing to put in your space.