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Real Estate: Should You Paint Your House before Selling It?

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When it comes to home improvement projects, they are often made to maintain and beautify the investment. Unfortunately, many people see this as an additional cost without considering the benefits and the value that it could bring to a residential property. For one, it is an excellent idea to paint your house before selling it.

According to Dan DiClerico, a smart home expert for Home Advisor in New York City, new paint usually increases a home’s selling price by 1% to 3%. Through a paint upgrade, you can sell your home on the market with an appealing markup. 

Read on to discover why you should give your home a paint job before entering the real estate market.

The Role of Exterior Paint on Home Value

Your biggest mistake might be only to paint the interior. Keep in mind that buyers place equal value on curb appeal and first views as they do on the home’s interior.

A prospective buyer will assume that your house has been ignored if they arrive and see faded, cracked, and peeling paint on the doors and trim. They will be more focused on other flaws than the house’s design and whether they would be happy living there when they arrive. 

Keep in mind that first impressions matter a lot! As such, paint the trim, decorate the porch, or improve the lighting to improve a home’s curb appeal.

Think about the carport, the gate, and the deck.  Buyers will assess the wood decks and fencing to decide whether they need repair soon. If the fence needs to be repaired, painted, or stained, a buyer looking for a house with a yard with a fence won’t think it’s the best option. 

Garages are crucial as well. The garage door should be simple and painted to resemble the house’s exterior. Oil-stained concrete and damaged walls make it harder for buyers to picture their perfect garage than fresh floor sealant and paint.

The Role of Interior Paint on Home Value

There’s nothing quite like seeing a home once you enter. The foyer establishes the atmosphere for the entire home and showcases its best features. Entrances that are spotless and recently built inspire buyers. 

Painting the interior gives it a clean, modern appearance, sets the tone, and draws attention to particular features. The kitchen, bathrooms, and entrance are buyers’ top priorities. The buyer doesn’t want to change the cabinets and countertops, paint the walls, or update the fixtures. Give these three regions top priority if resources are limited.  These frequently used locations will show the most signs of wear and tear, including scuffs on walls and baseboards. Each area should be cleaned and painted in neutral hues to emphasize its uniqueness and characteristics.

The True Beauty of Colors: Going Neutral

Neutral colors give a home a feeling of space, make it easier for buyers to picture their own furnishings in the room, and make the house move-in ready.

Moreover, stay away from vivid colors. Your buyer might not like your choice of colors. Your house might not sell if the buyer needs to paint before or after moving in.

Due to their flexibility and capacity to blend in with a vast array of other tones and materials, neutral paint colors have become more and more popular in recent years. Gray paint can be cold or warm. Modern settings with crisp white and cool gray tones work well. Warm grays are used to accent stone and wood. Dark gray captivates, while light gray calms. Gray looks great with yellow, mint green, pink, and blue in any room, including nurseries.


Simply put, your house will look better and stick out in a crowded housing market if you paint it. Real estate brokers claim that a paint update yields an ROI of 141%. Some claim that high-quality paintings can generate returns of 300%. Therefore, new paint increases profits.

Marketing your home means you are prepared to showcase it. As such, make sure it’s of good quality because buyers also take color and quality into account. 

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