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Helpful Tips When Painting Your Garage Door

red garage door

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If your painter is painting your garage door, if you’re going to be painting your garage door, it’s really important to understand that this door is going to be used a lot and that you don’t want to put too many coats of paint in between all of these cracks.

This garage door behind me is a traditional wood garage door. You see them in thousands of American homes and Canadian homes, and because these panels are completely independent of each other, they move, expand, and contract within the different seasons. You can see each square is a panel, and each section is a panel unto its own, so what we did was we sanded it down using a palm sander and manually scraped any flaking wood. Once it was done then, we applied a good coat of oil primer. Oil primers stick right into the wood grains, and it’s one of the better primers to use versus acrylic latex. Now don’t get me wrong, acrylic latex is good.

But just traditionally and generally speaking, oil primers tend to have better adhesion, and they soak into the wood panels a lot better, which allows your paint to adhere better and gives you a way better finish look at this door. It’s beautiful. Now keep in mind that if you put two coats

on the bottom edge and two coats on the top edge, that’s four coats of paint that are being applied, and then when you close your door, those two sides touch, and when they touch, they sit for a long period of time, and then what happens is that it can make the door stick and it can actually damage the actual mechanism that lifts your door so keep in mind

if you’re changing the color or if you want that coated you don’t want to apply too many coats in between each crack because it could jeopardize the closure and the durability of the door if you have questions about your garage door, you have questions about which paint you should use you can email us at, or you can call us at our hotline at 1 866 paint one eight we’ll be happy to help you answer any questions you have about

paint, and if you need a professional painter in your area and you’re tired of searching online and waiting for painters to call you, you can go to you can post your project, and you can get quotes really fast. Thanks again. My name is Paul, and I’m from Trusted House Painter.


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