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Priming Drywall: What You Need to Know

Priming Drywall

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Hi, my name is Paul I’m from trusted house painter and I’m just finishing up this renovation here in this house as you can see we’ve got fresh drywall everywhere in this house uh well it’s not fresh dry well everywhere we have some patching of existing walls such as this blue wall but we have drywall throughout it and a lot of people ask me the question can you paint a paint and primer paint over top of the drywall since I’m painting it anyways can I just use those paint and primer paints that everybody uses um at the store can I use that on my fresh drywall so the answer is yes you can but it’s really expensive that’s the first thing you want to think about is that using that paint and primer in one product uh it’s good for small drywall surfaces it’s good for like small little you know exposed wood but it’s not really designed to paint over all of this drywall and rather instead we professional painters use a product uh it’s called primer sealer um that’s what you put on drywall fresh drywall.


Sherwin-William makes a few products. Dulux and many other benjamin moore other companies make their own versions of the primer sealer for drywall, and one of the products I use is this Promar 200. It’s just another uh primer sealer that is used for sealing drywall. Now the reason why you want to use a primer sealer rather than a paint and primer is that a primer

the sealer has what they call PVA in it polyvinyl acrylics, and polyvinyl acrylics fill into the pores of the drywall you see, so you see down this wall here you have the dark areas, and then you have the light areas here well these light areas are the mud this is the mud and this dark area is the actual drywall and if you look closely, you can kind of see little hairs fibers sticking up, and if you look at the mud it’s really quite chalky you can see my hand has chalk all over it


so once you’ve dusted the walls, and there’s no more chalk on the walls, what you want to do is you want to make sure that you prime it with a PVA primer or a polyvinyl acrylic primer, what we call a primer sealer and what that does is that soaks into all the pores of the fresh drywall and onto this uh this drywall here, and the mud and what it does is allows the paint that you’re going to paint later on to adhere to it with a smooth flat surface it’s very important


you need fewer top coats when you use a primer sealer like this because this primer sealer soaks into the drywall quite a bit, so you will use a lot of primer sealers when you’re sealing drywall like this hallway here or in my that bedroom that we walk through so you’re gonna want to use a primer-sealer first before you paint it’s really important, and the main reason is that it’s going to cost you a lot of money if you use that paint and primer in one versus if you use a primer-sealer for a whole room so my general rule of thumb is if it’s more than an actual sheet of drywall which is four by eight you should prime it with a primer sealer um if it’s just a drywall patch you can use those primers and paints and ones however you most likely still need three coats on that one spot in order to bring it up to speed with the rest of the wall


anyways my name is Paul from trusted house painter. I thought I’d give you this little video just to let you know if you’ve got a renovation or a new build like this, it’s definitely something you want to think about using a primer-sealer instead of the paint and primer in one, and if you need professional painters or you need advice you need help go to you can post your painting project gets lots of quotes with one post you can find local painters there.

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