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Priming Drywall: What You Need to Know

Priming Drywall

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Paint and Primer in one: What you should know about priming drywall.

So you have a few drywall repairs in your home, and you walk into Home Depot to have the sales rep say you need to apply a paint and primer in one before you paint. They show you a regular PVA drywall sealer and then show you the expensive Paint and Primer in one.

What’s the difference? And why the difference in primer selections?

My name is Paul, your go-to guy from Trusted House Painter, and today, I’m thrilled to give you the short and skinny in the captivating world of paint and primer. Specifically paint and primer-in-one.

There’s a few distinctions between PVA (Polyvinyl acetate) primer and the luxurious paint and primer-in-one.

Debunking the Myth: Can You Use Paint and Primer in One on Fresh Drywall?

Ah, the age-old question: Can you slap on that ubiquitous paint and primer combo straight onto your newly installed drywall? Well, hold onto your paintbrushes, folks, because the answer might just surprise you!

Let’s paint a clear picture (pun intended): while yes, you technically can use paint and primer in one on fresh drywall, there’s a catch – it’s gonna cost you a pretty penny. But fear not, dear friends, for I’m here to shed some light on a game-changing alternative that’ll leave your walls looking flawless without breaking the bank.

What is Paint and Primer in One?

Paint and primer in one is basically a blend of paint and primer in one paint product. It’s usually found in the higher end product line of most paint retail brands, it comes in both interior and exterior paint, and has increased adhesion and stain blocking capability – because of the primer additive.

Paint and Primer in One is ideal for quick turn over and to be used on drywall and wood surfaces where primer and paint is required. Instead of using twice the labour (one coat for primer, and one coat for painting) you can get away with only one application.

However, it’s important to know where to draw the line when replacing a normal primer product with the paint and primer in one products.

The Power of Primer Sealer: Unleashing the Magic

Primer Sealer is the unsung hero of the painting world. Picture this: a magical potion that fills every nook and cranny of your drywall, creating a smooth canvas that’s primed (pun intended, again!) for a flawless finish. In reality, using a drywall primer sealer is not only inexpensive, it covers the drywall’s porous surface so that the top coat of paint can adhere properly and provide a smooth finish.

Let’s break it down. Primer Sealer, infused with the mystical essence of Polyvinyl Acetate (PVA), works wonders in transforming your patchy drywall into a pristine masterpiece. Say goodbye to those pesky pores and hello to a seamless surface that’s begging for a fresh coat of paint!

Mastering the Art of Painting: Why Primer Sealer Reigns Supreme

Now, you might be wondering, “Paul, why should I bother with this Primer Sealer wizardry when I can just grab a can of paint and primer in one?”

You see, Primer Sealer isn’t just your run-of-the-mill primer – it’s a game-changer. By infiltrating every crevice of your drywall, it sets the stage for paint to adhere like a dream, ensuring a flawless finish with minimal effort. Plus, with fewer top coats needed, you’ll be saving both time and money – now, who can argue with that?

Sherwin-William makes a few different drywall primer products. Dulux and Benjamin Moore also make their own versions of primer sealer products for drywall, and one of the products I use is Promar 200 from Sherwin Williams.

Promar 200 paint and primer in one
Promar 200 paint and primer in one

The Verdict: Primer Sealer vs. Paint and Primer Combo

So, what’s the final verdict, you ask? Well, it all boils down to this: if you’re embarking on a grand painting adventure that involves more than just a tiny patch of drywall, Primer Sealer is your trusty sidekick. But hey, if you’re just fixing up a minor blemish, feel free to dabble with those paint and primer combos – just be prepared for a bit more elbow grease!

In the end, whether you’re a seasoned DIY enthusiast or a first-time renovator, one thing’s for sure: when it comes to painting, knowledge is power. So, arm yourself with the right tools, embrace the magic of Primer Sealer, and let your creativity run wild!

That’s all for now, folks! If you’re itching for more painting tips, tricks, and tales from the trenches, be sure to check out our blog page. If you have a burning question about painting that you need answered, you can also call our toll-free homeowner hotline at 1-866-724-6818.

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Until next time, happy painting!

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