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The Best Way To Paint Behind Your Toilet!


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A lot of people ask how to paint behind a toilet, and in this video, I’m going to show you how you can paint behind your toilet my name is Paul from trusted house painter, and there are two ways to do you can either remove the tank completely or you cannot remove the tank completely now if your tank to your toilet is up against the wall.


you’re gonna have some issues and you most likely will have to remove it but if it’s like most tanks where there’s a space behind it then you don’t need to remove it and i’m gonna show you some tools that you can use to do it so the first thing I want to tell you is like most painting projects you want to do the prep this tank holds water and it can sweat and most of these tanks do sweat and therefore there’s moisture behind the toilet so first thing you want to do is you want to make sure you clean the toilet behind there there’s a lot of grime a lot of dust a lot of debris that gets caught behind there plus a lot of painters don’t paint behind the toilet so it’s usually not done right so first step is cleaning behind the toilet the second tip i’m going to say is actually remove the lid when you remove the lid it gives you that much more access so it’s pretty simple you just take it off now keep in mind it is porcelain and it can break so gently take it off and gently place it somewhere that it’s not going to break 


now another trick you want to think about is how to protect this so what painters sometimes use is they use a big black plastic garbage bag, and you can wrap it over top of it and tape it up, and that helps you protect the toilet some painters use old bed sheets same  thing wrap it around you can use a canvas drop sheet that many painters use you wrap it around it you can tighten it up tape it up, therefore, allows you to get behind it, however, most porcelain  tanks are pretty easy to clean, but for best practices, you want to protect the toilet now after you’ve cleaned the toilet and you’ve sanded the walls and prepped the walls


there’s a little thing that we use as painters, and it’s called a whiz roller, what I call a Johnny on the spot roller a Johnny roller they come in all different shapes and sizes, and they’re good for all sorts of different applications, and in this video, I’m going to show you that there are different widths different girths of rollers that you can use different naps and generally speaking for toilets there’s not a lot of room behind it so what I like to use is these what I call mohair or velour rollers, and they’re like millimeter thick they don’t hold a lot of paint, but they do the job and so what you can do is you can actually get in behind there, and you can use a roller to roll in behind the toilet when you’re painting you can get from all sides

and sometimes it’s a little bit stiff, but most of the time it does fit these rollers uh these, they’re called whiz rollers they come in different lengths, shorties and long ones, so you can use whichever one you want, and you can buy them at any store they come in packs of one these rollers packs of two or even packs of 12 or whatever you want they’re really handy that’s why I call them johnny’s

so what you want to do is just want to roll behind the toilet using the stick to get as far as you can, and once you’re done painting it, you’ve got to remember to let it dry properly and let it cure before you put a second coat because bathrooms are what you know as wet rooms and wet rooms because of showers toilets they have high moisture content so it’s really important that you have uh you let your paint dry before you put a second coat

so this is a video that helps you understand how you can paint behind the toilet, the tools you need to use and some tips that you have, and the last tip that I’m going to give you, which is not rocket science but any true professional painter will tell you the truth you use a rag always have a rag on hand have a wet rag on hand it helps when it hits the floor it helps if you hit the porcelain tank it’s just a rag to a painter is like a goal post to a hockey goalie it’s the best friend my name is paul from trusted health painter if you’ve got any questions you can feel free to leave a comment in below and if you need trusted house painters to paint your house you can go to, and you can find local painters there.


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