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9 Crucial Things to Know When Painting a Home’s Exterior

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Whether you want to refresh your home’s look or make it more resilient, painting your house’s exterior offers many benefits for many homeowners. A fresh coat of paint dramatically enhances your property’s curb appeal and value, especially if you want to sell it eventually. This home improvement project can also help protect your home from harsh elements and boost energy efficiency. 

However, a successful paint job goes beyond grabbing the best paint cans and brushes. You must determine the right time to paint the exterior. It also means thoroughly preparing the surfaces and hiring professional painters. 

If you want to enjoy an aesthetically pleasing finish and ensure a successful project, this blog post will discuss what homeowners must know when painting their home’s exterior. 

1. Prepare the Surface Properly 

Before painting a building, you must ensure you properly prepped the surface. Otherwise, you’ll get disappointing results. Undertaking an exterior paint project may seem overwhelming, especially if you are inexperienced. However, having a solid plan and breaking the task into manageable sections will help you tackle it confidently. 

Also, never miss the preparation stage because it will help you spot problem areas and remedy them effectively. 

2. Schedule Surface Repairs and Cleaning 

When removing loose paint from your house, find the areas that need repairs and seek professional help. After repairs, clean the surface by wiping away sanding dust and debris. If it’s filthy, scrub it manually or with a power washer, being careful not to damage the siding’s ability to shed water.

3. Monitor the Weather 

Consider the weather and climate when finding the right time to prepare for exterior painting. You must also check for vapor barriers and ensure the correct temperature and humidity. Moreover, plan the work according to the sun’s path because it affects drying time. 

4. Remember That Paint Can’t Stick To Rotten Siding

Painting rotten wood and siding material is pointless because it only worsens their condition. You can replace the damaged areas with new components or apply a wood hardener and exterior filler product to small sections. You should also properly prepare and sand the surfaces before painting your home’s exterior.

5. Aim for Quality over Price

Other people aim for cheaper paint options because it will help them save money. Unfortunately, it eventually costs them more because affordability doesn’t always mean good quality. You can avoid expensive mistakes by investing in high-quality paint. Although it may be initially expensive, it will be worth it because you’ll paint your walls less frequently and achieve better coverage.

6. Schedule a Final Test Swatch 

Before painting your house’s exterior, test the paint color to check if it matches what you want. Remember that it’s better to catch mistakes before investing too much time and effort.

7. Protect Your Landscape 

Cover the ground and vegetation below the area you’re painting and any outdoor furniture, hoses, or grills by using and securing drop cloths.

8. Use Primer 

Modern paints have combined primer and paint into one product, which may reduce the number of coats needed. Although more expensive, it may be better than buying primer and paint separately. Also, look at reviews from people in your area who have used it. 

9. Combine Multiple Paint Cans

Buy more paint than you need, mix the same paint color in a large container, and “box” the paint to ensure a uniform color when painting your home’s exterior. Professionals use this method, which helps avoid color discrepancies if you should buy more paint later.


Painting your home’s exterior allows you to give your property new life, but you must plan it thoroughly to ensure success. You can avoid disappointments and expensive mistakes by preparing the surface carefully, addressing the damages, using quality materials, and knowing when is the right time to paint the exterior. 

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